Semi Final Round Up

It’s Semi Final Round Up Time.

Wow! What a ride!

It’s official!

The Premiership final will be Counties Power Heat v Canterbury.

The Championship final will be Bay of Plenty Volcanix v Otago Spirit.

This weekends have been amazing!

Counties just managed to hold off Auckland and also make history by not letting them in a finals for the first time ever!! In doing so they now host the final (quite possible at Ecolight Stadium, but still to be confirmed).

Canterbury run rampant over a Waikato team that gave as good as they got. The red and blacks showed how incredible fit they are and why they quite possible have the most influential rugby player in the game at the moment (I’m looking at you Kendra Cocksedge!).

Otago held out a tough North Harbour and will be seeing the Bay of Plenty Volcanix in the final next week.